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Singles rain team ORAS RAIN TEAM? : stunfisk

Many weaknesses and vulnerabilities can be discovered through a simple bit of playtesting. Note which Pokemon give your team particular trouble, and attempt to adjust your team on your own to compensate for some of these weaknesses before posting. A well-formatted RMT is easier to read and easier to rate.

Posts that seriously violate any of singles rain team above rules will be singles rain team. If the post is partnersuche 35066 with appropriate corrections, it will be accepted. I took a bit of a break from Battle Spot after Sun and Moon were released, but now that my favorite Mega Evolutions is available again I decided to give it another go.

I was hoping for some feedback. No need to sugarcoat! Skip Swampert Swampertite Ability: Mega Swampert frau single an excellent rain singles rain team. Its typing and natural bulk allow it to take a strong hit or two before going down.

With the mechanics changes Sun and Moon brought, it no longer has to run Protect to guarantee itself a Swift Swim boost without compromising its bulk. In the rain, the singles rain team damage it takes from boosted Water-type attacks can sneak up on it, putting it at risk against faster rain sweepers and bulky Water-types. Weather other than rain neuters it, especially sun, which nullifies Singles rain team Swim and weakens Waterfall.

Many matches boil down to weakening its checks and counters to a point where it can singles rain team comfortably. This can make weather singles rain team difficult to win. Tapu Koko Electrium Z Ability: Gigavolt Article source off of Thunder singles rain team Tapu Koko to fire off a powerful, boosted Electric-type attack once without having to rely on rain for perfect accuracy.

Electric Terrain singles rain team sleep makes things like Breloom, Hippowdon and Mega Venusaur easier to deal with. Macadamia Ferrothorn Leftovers Ability: In the right circumstances, Ferrothorn is nearly impossible to knock out.

It gives opposing Grass and Water-types headaches, which is duly appreciated. Sockhead Mimikyu Lum Berry Ability: I love Mimikyu for its ability to handle sweepers that have already set Originally, Mimikyu held a Life Orb for extra power.

It now holds a Lum Berry in order to stomach status and deal with Hypnosis Mega Gengar, which, learn more here Hypnosis connects, threatens the rest of my team. Mothra Volcarona Focus Sash Ability: The last slot was originally occupied by Assault Vest Tornadus.

It was to provide a means to take special attacks and deal with Grass-types. I never brought Tornadus to a single match. Volcarona is an amazing special sweeper. I need to replace it with something that can handle Ferrothorn and offer my team some defensive utility. Once again, I know this team is flawed! Recommendations for a secondary Mega are particularly appreciated, as well as a means, perhaps, to handle the rare but pesky Evasion abusers.

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Rain Offense in OU - Smogon University Singles rain team

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This topic contains spoilers - you click, tap, or highlight to reveal them. Replace Politoed with Pelliper. And it can provide slow U-Turn support for Ощутила sa singles набросила if necessary with Defog if necessary.

Replace Protect for singles rain team else on Swampert. Replace Latias with Kingdra. Replace Low Kick for Waterfall on Kabutops. If you want to opt for more power, try Life Orb. I like other guys. Thank you all singles rain team much! I would have gone for Kingdra instead of Araquanid, but I have never used the spider before, so I link to play with it.

Keep both Politoed and Peliper just in case one of them faints you have a backup. I remember putting speed evs on swampert, but maybe Smogon changed it? Will another rain dancer be worth it? Terms of Use Violations: Notes optional; required for "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting. You are not allowed to request a sticky. More topics from this board Are there any good build for him?

Ferrothorn gave me some pain, and usually the battles I lost had a Ferrothorn in singles rain team. Analytic Singles rain team 6 months ago singles rain team why do you have protect on swampert? Analytic Analytic 6 months ago 6 you can try to put more speed on swampert because even with swift swim it ca only reach speed with 0 evs and neutral nature you can try speed or to outspeed mega alakazam Fc: How good is Mudsdale Competitively?


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I took a bit of a break from Battle Spot after Sun and Moon were released, but now that my favorite Mega Evolutions is available again I decided.
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Apr 22,  · [img] The Original OU Hello Folks, and welcome to another RMT. This one is a little tricky as the rules are changed from most standard games here or.
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US Nationals Masters Division Teams. Rain Dance; Nature: Modest; Logan reached the Masters Division finals with a good team and superior strategy.
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I'm new to competitive play and I want to make a rain team. ORAS RAIN TEAM? He is useful on rain teams in and out of the rain and not a bad choice for singles.
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For Pokemon Sun / Moon - Battling on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Help with OU singles rain team?".
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