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Posted by Petr H. Every now and then, a mutant is born in the animal kingdom. Some of them occur naturally, while others might be man-made, achieved to serve a greater purpose. Regardless of the cause, genetically mutated animals are interesting freaks of nature, and they definitely visit web page our attention. To show you some of the most remarkable mutated animals, we compiled this list with 25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations.

This goat with eight legs and both male and female reproductive parts was born on a farm in Croatia in Sadly, the tiny kitten single limbach-oberfrohna very soon after coming into the world. Another kitten named Cy pictured was also born and died in one day in A snake mutant with one clawed foot was discovered in Southwestern China in The snake was about 40 cm 16 in long and thick as a little finger.

Children in a nursery Weston-super-Mare, UK, were shocked when they found three-headed, six-legged frog in their garden.

An extra toe single limbach-oberfrohna quite common in frogs, but this kind of mutation had never been observed in them before and not since then.

Not just one but several male cats with wing-like growths on their backs were reported in Southern China. Although the growths appeared fluffy, they actually contained bones.

Single limbach-oberfrohna cow was born with two extra legs on its back. The mutation of this single limbach-oberfrohna was caused by radioactivity released during the Chernobyl Disaster single limbach-oberfrohna Even now, more than 30 years after the disaster, radioactivity can be still found in some animals living in the area. A Chinese farmer was shocked when single limbach-oberfrohna saw the two-headed piglet that was born on his farm in April The condition of single limbach-oberfrohna two heads single limbach-oberfrohna known as polycephaly.

A fish with two mouths was caught in the Lake Bonney in South Australia in The man who caught the fish said the upper mouth functioned normally while the lower mouth was permanently open. Wendy the Whippet is twice as muscular and heavy as a regular whippet due to a silvester single party paderborn genetic disorder.

However, Chinese scientists are known to single limbach-oberfrohna created genetically-engineered, extra single limbach-oberfrohna dogs for hunting and military single limbach-oberfrohna. Ina piglet with the head of monkey was born in the town of Ciego de Avila in Central Cuba. Sadly, the piglet died single limbach-oberfrohna four days after it was born. Some experts say that environmental pollution was the cause of this disturbing mutation.

The Gowanus Canal is considered one of the most polluted water bodies in the US and it probably was the extreme contamination that caused this mutation.

Not just one but two six-legged lambs were born on an organic farm in the UK. The owner of the farm, Simon Benett, said that no scientists were involved in single limbach-oberfrohna event. A farmer was left in shock after a two-headed turtle was born at his farm in the Jiangxi Province of China. Despite its abnormal appearance, the turtle was able to single limbach-oberfrohna around freely, and both heads were said to have a healthy appetite.

An extremely rare yellow lobster was caught and sold to a New York City restaurant in The unusual single limbach-oberfrohna was caused by a genetic mutation that has an occurrence of just 1 in 30 million. This pig mutant with human-like face and penis-like growth on its forehead was captured China.

It is believed that environmental pollution caused this terrifying deformity. Several sightings of a purple squirrel have been reported in different parts of the single limbach-oberfrohna. One of them, for example, was seen repeatedly at a school in Stubbington, UK.

Named Frank and Louie sometimes also Frankenlouie more info, this cat was born in with two faces, three eyes, two noses, and one brain. Two-faced single limbach-oberfrohna usually die soon after birth, but this particular cat passed away at the ripe old age of As a single limbach-oberfrohna of a rare genetic mutation, Stumpy the Duck was born with four legs.

Unfortunately, after catching one of single limbach-oberfrohna feet in chicken single limbach-oberfrohna, he had to have the entire limb amputated. Scientists blamed environmental pollution for the mutant transparency of several frogs captured in Central Russia.

Their organs, skeletons, and even their single limbach-oberfrohna hearts were blatantly visible through their skin. This 56 cm 22 in long albino shark fetus with a single, functioning eye was found inside a pregnant dusky shark in the Gulf of Single limbach-oberfrohna, Mexico.

This bunny was born in a small zoo in Limbach-Oberfrohna in Saxony, eastern Germany, in Unfortunately, when the bunny was being filmed by a news team, a cameraman single limbach-oberfrohna killed the cute animal by stepping on him.

A three-horned cow was born on a farm in Single limbach-oberfrohna Uzbekistan in Local media reported that the extra horn did not appear to cause the cow any trouble. This Australian Shepherd named Toby was born with two noses. His owner, a music producer named Todd Ray, says he is an affectionate and happy dog who loves hugs and playing catch. This bizarre two-headed single limbach-oberfrohna lizard was discovered in Australia.

Both of the heads were fully functioning, but they reportedly hated each other; the larger one kept attacking the smaller one. Duncan the Boxer was born with a severely deformed pelvis and hind legs with no way to single limbach-oberfrohna them. The greatest chance at a good life for him was amputation, which eventually turned out well. Despite having just two legs, Duncan is now a happy and playful dog. Single limbach-oberfrohna how to start a blog. Managed by Awesome Motive Inc.

Animals 25 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds. Show Us Your Single limbach-oberfrohna. List25 Daily List25 Weekly.

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From extra legs and mouths to strange colors and missing eyes and legs, here are 25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations.
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From extra legs and mouths to strange colors and missing eyes and legs, here are 25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations.
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