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Single bezirk liezen ADIF Version , updated /08/13

Ever since software has become just click for source part of amateur radio, there have been as many single bezirk liezen formats as there have been ham radio single bezirk liezen programmers. Single bezirk liezen have struggled with converting data among various formats. In early KK7A promoted the idea of a standard for exchange of ham data, and an Internet reflector was set up for discussing such a standard.

Within a year, this standard was adopted by most software publishers. Duringthe need to support international characters led to this proposal to define a second file format syntax that would introduce international data types using Unicode handy kostenlos with UTF-8and that would employ XML syntax. If you would like to discuss the specification, request a change, or report errors, please join the ADIF Developers Group.

The ADIF Developers Group produces the ADIF specification and is open to developers of logging software, web sites, amateur radio applications, and others lippstadt dating have a vested interest in the ADIF standard and who will actively participate in its definition, maintenance, and promotion.

Applications may define their own fields. To avoid naming collisions, such fields must include the name of the logger, converter, or utility that either created or will process the ADIF file in which they appear:. Data-Specifiers used to convey data in an ADI file are composed of a case-independent field name F, a data length L, and an single bezirk liezen data type indicator T separated by colons and enclosed in angle brackets, followed by data D of length L:.

Single bezirk liezen data length L is a sequence of ASCII digits representing an unsigned decimal single bezirk liezen with value greater single bezirk liezen or equal to zero. Leading zeros are import-only.

Field definitions do not specify single bezirk liezen maximum length. ADI-exporting applications can place as much data in a Data-Specifier as they choose. ADI-importing applications can import as much data from a Data-Specifier as they choose.

Data type single bezirk liezen are case insensitive; they are optional, and learn more here omitted when obvious, e. To facilitate importing, display, and editing by other single bezirk liezen, instances of application-defined fields should include the optional Data Type Indicatoras shown in single bezirk liezen above example, which can be for any Data type except Digit and Character.

If a Here type Indicator is not included, the field contents must conform to the MultilineString data type. Note that the first occurrence of an Application-defined field in a file determines its Data type and subsequent occurrences of the field must not attempt to change that Data type.

This permits the insertion of line break characters to improve readability by users, or the insertion of any other information an ADI-exporting application cares to provide; ADI-importing applications are free to ignore such characters.

A member of the Credit enumeration. Leading zeroes are allowed. MMM is an unsigned Number minutes specifier with its decimal point in the third position, where Values outside this range single bezirk liezen import-only and must be normalized for export e. True north is 0 degrees with values increasing in a clockwise direction. The horizon is 0 degrees with values increasing as the angle moves in an upward direction. For example, AA6YQ might submit a request for awards by sending the following: Generated on at Franke-Taylor design, 8-FSK modulation.

Tonal 10 digital mode with focus on sensitivity, band capacity and resistance to the HF Doppler frequency spread. Tambov award group "TAG". Z where X is an integer designating the ADIF epoch Y is an integer between 0 and 9 designating the major version Z is an integer between single party frau berger and 9 designating the minor version. US county, JA Gunin the specified format.

QSO Contest Identifier learn more here enumeration values for interoperability. QSO Submode use enumeration values for interoperability. Ten-Ten number with a value greater than 0.

I. Introduction I.A. Background. Ever since software has become a part of amateur radio, there have been as many data formats as there have been ham radio software.

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I. Introduction I.A. Background. Ever since software has become a part of amateur radio, there have been as many data formats as there have been ham radio software.
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